Mar 4, 2013

Time to Unwind... with Teens?

My daughter, who is a senior this year, asked me to accompany her on a field trip to the Bahamas. I was a little reluctant and wouldn't have gone with her if she hadn't asked. Why not? you ask. Let me explain: 30 hours on a bus, 3 nights on a cruise ship, 30 more hours on a bus. . .with 300 high school students! Yikes I say.

So I went. I was seriously impressed that she asked me to go, how could I say no? So, I spent six days in close proximity to three hundred teenagers. The trip was for the high school music department and thirteen different musical groups performed on the ship. It was amazing and fabulous. The kiddoes were great, the music was wonderful, and did I mention the weather? Sunny every day and it was ninety degrees for our day on the island! (Wisconsin got 5 inches of snow while we were gone- ha! ha! ha!)

How is this in anyway related to the library? I was able to immerse myself in teen culture for close to a week. They were impressed when I knew some of the movies they would like and even more so when I knew what the Harlem Shake was. The number of kids running around at rest areas looking for outlets was laughable. . . priorities people. First the phone, then the running water and food!

On a bus tour in Nassau I managed to get a picture of the Nassau Public Library and Museum sign as the bus drove by.
The library was in an octagon shaped building that was PINK!!! I was probably one of the only people on the bus who was interested in stopping to visit the library, and sadly the bus did not stop near there. 

Would I go again? You bet!

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