Mar 8, 2013

Jumping Off the Cliff

Yikes!! I did it!
And by I, I mean we, my fabulous co-workers and I. We took the first steps toward reorganizing our picture book section from alphabetical into (what I believe to be) a more user friendly system!
The stickers arrived, time to get stickering! 
Starting today there are officially books labeled for our very own Picture Book City. This is not the official name yet; we are still tossing around ideas and are open to suggestions. The books are being sorted by topic,color coded and re-shelved with their new spine labels as I type! There will be more info to come in future posts, but I just had to share because I'm nervous, and super excited, and nervous, and a control freak, and did I mention super nervous?
Here are some of the books on a cart waiting to be prepped  for our "Favorites" section.
Our first shelf just waiting for its books.

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