Mar 7, 2013

A Suess-tastical Celebration

We started the party with a conversation about who Dr. Seuss really is. I love it that kids almost ALWAYS believe that the Cat in the Hat is Dr Seuss. 
I had four stations set up for parents and their children. I knew this was going to be interesting because not many parents stay in the room for storytime, so this was new to them. After a little bit, some parents noticed that other parents were participating with their children, and they all ended up joining in!

The four stations I had set up were: reading Seuss books books with their kids, painting a fish bowl with blue corn syrup and adding goldfish crackers, making a green egg with vanilla pudding, and a Cat in the Hat photo booth. I've done corn syrup painting in the past and found a reference on pinterest to a Dr Seuss craft, but didn't feel like cutting out a ton of fish, so I just bought some Goldfish crackers- yummy, yummy.

I had to leave to get a knife for the cake, and while I was gone 
The Cat in the Hat (read me) visited the library and read the families his story!
 Then we got to have the CAKE- everyone's favorite part of the party! I had a lot of satisfied little kiddos, and it was especially exciting to see so many of the parents, aunts and grandparents reading with their littles.
I ended up with 13 kids and 7 adults attending and the program cost me about $15.


  1. Yay! I love it when librarians say how many people came and how much the program cost!

    1. Thanks, I probably should have mentioned that those are pretty good numbers for our little library :)

    2. Yeah, it's all relative! I aim to have at least 10 kids at a storytime, but just doesn't happen. Then I freak out and have to sing Elizabeth Mitchell songs to myself and average statistics to calm down. I had about 75 people at my Dr. Seuss program, but I marketing the heck out of it and this is the second year we've done it - last year Dr. Seuss coincided with a blizzard and over $100 of green eggs and ham were wasted...this year we just made cupcakes. Plus, in addition to my small town, I draw in attendance from several neighboring small towns who prefer our library and programs.

    3. I had to reschedule mine for Thursday due to the big snowstorm on Tuesday. Darn snow.

  2. Saw this mentioned in the program and followed up the link.
    Nice program -- I always enjoy seeing other ideas! Here are the plans for one that I have developed and done a number of times over the years. (We are a bigger library and I generally have 40-50 kids and some teen volunteers helping.)