Mar 22, 2013

Did I Say Finalized Categories?

Remember this post? Well, things are a changin'.

Here they are one more time:
Favorites, Tales, Traditions, Community, Ourselves, Transportation, Nature, Animals, Concepts and Stories. 
What's that you ask? What happened to Rhymes & Songs? I decided to kill it today and I felt WAY better after we made the decision.

On Wednesday my IFLS buddy, Leah, came out and helped me finish sorting the rest of my books! Thanks Leah!!! I was asking her about putting ballet into sports when she pulled out a book about an artist. "Fine Arts?" she asks. Wow and Duh! You think after spending four years of my life in a Fine Arts building on a college campus, I could have come up with that one, but I didn't and I loved it.

This brings me to today. My director, Kim, and I were talking about where to put the huge stack of Fine Arts books that I hadn't planned on having. Does it go in ourselves because it is something kids do? or does it go in Community because often times kids are going to dance classes or music lessons? I'm not sure how we came to the conclusion, but we came up with the idea of a Hobbies, or Fun & Games category. It will house Sports, Fine Arts and all of the Rhymes & Songs books. The poetry books will be sorted into the other categories where they will probably get checked out more anyway. There was only one shelf of Rhymes & Songs and this gets rid of my uneasiness about having Sports in Community and provides a home for my Fine Arts books. We put the question out to our cataloguer, Bridget, and will be finalizing the category heading tomorrow.

And the final category is. . . Fun & Games!

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