Jan 23, 2016

Exercise BINGO

Our library uses the Collaborative Summer Reading Program every year, last year's theme was Be a Hero Read. We partnered with the Mayo Clinic Health Systems and our Friends of the Library to offer an exercise BINGO sheet for kids to finish and earn raffle tickets for an end of the summer prize drawing, a hacky sack when they picked up the form and a free water bottle upon completion.

We had two new Story Walks set up in our town, one at a local park and one at our local school's nature walk. We included the Story Walk on the BINGO sheet as a way to promote it's existence.

This side program (with hardly any staff work) was a great success for our small library (Res Pop 3500). We had 126 kids pick up the BINGO sheets (tracked by the number of balls we gave away) and 44 kids returned them completed. AND this summer's theme is On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! which makes this BINGO sheet extra awesome because we will be partnering with the Mayo Clinic Health Systems and holding it again.