Mar 15, 2013

Reorganization Project Snare

This is how they stand today: We have sorted and re-catalogued over 1000 books, so we are at least one third of the way there! I'm still struggling with animals and farm. 

I have some un-recatalogued animal books sitting in piles of African Savannah, Australia, and Rain forest. What's my problem? I can't decide if they should be their own category and I'm way over thinking things, or if I should just throw them in with the zoo animals because the only place kids around here are going to find animals like that is at a zoo... does anyone have any comments or suggestions they would like to make about it?

Also I haven't committed to adding farm to my Community category yet; they are all hiding in the back office on a shelf without a label :( I decided I didn't want to break up the animals, the farmers, or the tractors. All of those things are on a farm and they would all three be put in different places in the library. We are a farming community . . . but when patrons come in do they want the tractor books with the cow books? or would they rather find tractors with all of the other transportation books and cows in the animal section . . . anyone can also feel free to weigh in on this as well!

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