May 29, 2013

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go Into the Library

This last week has felt more like working at the daycare than at the library, not because I feel like I am watching everyone's kids for them, but because I am dreaming of sitting at my desk for more than twenty minutes at a pop. Since last Wednesday, I've had my school age Crafternoon, a day of last minute summer decorating and running copies for the 200 kids for library visits on Friday, (thankfully the weekend off) a funeral and four hours of work at the circulation desk and a Friends meeting yesterday, 200 more kids through the library today and another twenty kids for an hour and a half of programming after the tours! I'm exhausted and haven't craved wine this badly since my daycare days. Summer Reading Program is A LOT of work for youth services people! Vent over...

Kudos to all you fabulous people conducting your own SRPs! Also, kudos to all of you daycare people who don't even have a desk to escape to!

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