May 14, 2013

Picture Book Place- Animals

Major Category: Animals
Sub Categories: The subcategories were harder to come up with in this category. Dinosaurs was the easiest, but after that I had to do some hard thinking. I started by using major category of animal: Mammal, Bird, Fish, Insect, etc, but really didn't like how things were going. I ran into a lot of books about ducks in which there were also frogs, beavers and different insects. There were also books with polar bears, seals and fish together in them. I switched to sorting my books into habitat piles and ended up with Arctic, Woodland, Pond, Ocean, Pets and a pile of wild/zoo animals and insects/worms/spider type animals. I still wasn't completely happy with my piles.

I did not want stories of animals living in Africa in with the Zoo stories because those animals live in completely different environments. I ended up with an Africa pile, Rainforests, and Zoo. I decided to keep the creepy crawly things together and called them Crawlers because it fit on the spine label. The Rainforest books were a combination of South American, African, Asian, and Australian animals. I didn't want to confuse kids about which animals lived together, so I ended up pulling out the African and Australian animals and leaving the rest in the Rainforest group. Eventually I ended up with this list of subcategories.

  • Africa-
  • Arctic-
  • Australia-
  • Crawlers-
  • Dinosaurs-
  • Ocean-
  • Pets-
  • Pond-
  • Rainforest-
  • Woodland-
  • Zoo-

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