Jun 6, 2013

Dig Into Exhaustion

Yeah, I said it, but I love it sooo much!!

This past month I have been frantically planning EVERYTHING! Reading logs, decorations, flyers, school visits, sponsors, programs, press releases and more.

I am so excited that we are offering four programs this year!

Each year we have run a kids' program. This year we are using the Dig Into Reading theme! I mixed things up by adding another week, but more importantly I moved up the program so it starts in June rather than mid-July. I'm hopeful that this will increase numbers and early results indicate that we have over 70 kids registered in the first TWO DAYS!!! Last year we had 151 total.
You know you live in Wisconsin when the two year olds know that this is a badger!
Recycled brown packing paper!
Raffle tickets go here please! 
I've been saving brown paper for months.
The loft is looking tropical (at least we can dream of warm sunny days under there!)
More brown paper for the vines.
Curling Ribbon makes everything prettier (and some more brown paper).

Last year we added the Rubber Ducky Club (thank you Marge Loch-Wouters!). We had about 20 participants, but 20 littles getting early literacy exposure is better than none, so we are running it again.
I added a Tween2Teen Program with no gimmicky theme (although one kid thought it was for sex education. . . yeah probably not going there this summer!) Kids read 8 hours, they get a free book & raffle tickets with chances to earn extra raffle tickets by volunteering, reading extra time and filling out a short book review to post in the library. I'm excited about the numbers this early into the registration!
We, and by we I mean Kim, sets up an adult raffle in which adults can fill out a ticket with the name of the book they read for prizes.

(Oh, yeah. . more brown paper vines)
Everything is set up and ready to go, our first program is this afternoon! 


  1. Your kids must be better Wisconsinites than mine, I read a book about a badger in storytime and they all said it was a raccoon

    1. It might not have been ALL the two year olds ;)but one is impressive!

    2. These were mostly 3 year olds...they figured it out with a little prompting. Unlike the four year old kindergarten I visited last December who stubbornly refused to believe in Christmas Wombat and insisted that it was a small bear. Even when I took Nic Bishop's Marsupials on my next visit and showed them the actual photograph they were doubtful. Wombat skeptics!

    3. There aren't very many wombats in Wisconsin. . .

  2. That loft is the coolest thing in the universe. Did you have someone local make it for you?

    1. It is a Guidecraft Market Loft with the extension. It conforms to Childcare Licensing Standards and we ordered it online with some donation money we were able to use.