May 2, 2013

Picture Book Place- Fun & Games

Main Category: Fun & Games


  • Art- Books about drawing, painting and famous drawings and paintings. Also pottery, quilting and other types of art and creative
  • Dance- all types of dance. Ballet, Lola's Fandango, and as you can see Dancing with Daddy.
  • Music- Anything about instruments, music AND songs.
  • Rhymes- Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays, not basic rhyming books. I divided up the poetry to the other categories with the thought that it will probably get checked out more. For example a dinosaur poetry book will probably move more in dinosaurs than it would have if it were on these shelves.
  • Sports- Anything sports related. Karate, Tennis, Baseball, Football, etc.
  • Theater- Many of Auch's chicken books are here. Anything about being on stage or performing for an audience.

This category started out as Rhymes & Songs. There were only a small amount of books, and I had piles of sports and fine arts books that needed a home. I brain stormed with my co-workers to come up with commonalities for these books and we came up with hobbies, which led to Fun & Games.

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