May 6, 2013

Picture Book Place- Ourselves

Major Category: Ourselves


  • Behavior- bullying, taking care of books, wearing seat belts, manners, etc. all are here
  • Confidence- Anything to do with believing in yourself, staying true to yourself, and/or being proud of you.
  • Family- moms, dads, new sisters or brothers, grandmas, aunts, uncles. . .same sex parenting families, adoption. It all goes here.
  • Feelings- feelings and how to deal with strong feelings go here.
  • Friends- best friends, frenemies. . .
  • Health- dental, body parts/systems/functions, doctor visits, excercising, etc.
  • Routines- things that happen in kids daily lives like going to the bathroom, getting ready for bed, daily schedule type books.
  • School- I debated putting this section into community, but figured most of the kids that come to the library will end up going to school someday; that is part of their everyday lives, so all of the going to school, and what happens during school books are here.

I DREADED working on this category. This category has a lot of ambiguous books. They could be behavior, but could also be friendship or family. I saved this one until the end. Piles of books about kids lives went into an even bigger pile to sort and separate later. When I had no other choice but to work on these books, I started grouping them by similar books and then the sub-categories emerged.

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