Dec 6, 2013

The Holidays Threw Up in Our Library

I got the idea for this display on pinterest.
I put up a fleece tree in the children's area for my Early Literacy activity of the month (along with paper ornaments to color and take home).
The kids have the opportunity to add to the tree on our calendar, it is slowly getting more full each day.
I'm pretty sure I saw two or three different pins with this slogan, so I just added my own twist with the wrapped book cart.
What will be under your tree?
Goodreads just finished their reader poll for the Best Books of 2013 so I wrapped our circulation desk in gift wrap and printed out the top two covers for each category. 
The gingerbread house roof is back on the loft and it had a visitor! 
Under the miSTEEL toe with Danielle Steel books.
I helped out with a display in the adult area as well this month.

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