Dec 4, 2013

Elf on the >BOOK< Shelf

I read on a listserve about Utica Library's Elf on a Book Shelf and HAD to do it at our library! Oh what fun for me the kiddos! We used some donation money to buy our own elf, and an elf & DVD to give away. We've already had people come in JUST to find Dobby (our BookShelf Elf).
We have a small display on the circulation desk.
 We are having the kids (under 13) come and tell us where they find Dobby, and they get a raffle ticket to write where they found her, and their names and phone numbers. Our contest is running December 2nd through the 21st, so we will be able to give the lucky winner their elf and book before the holidays are over.
Grand appearance on top of a book shelf.

Climbing on top of the gingerbread house.

Reading some Potter quietly in the corner.

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