Dec 12, 2013

Holiday Crafternoon

Every Wednesday is Schools Out Boredom Busters (SOBB)! The first Wednesday is an early release day for the district, so I show a movie with snacks to tide the kids over until their parents come to get them.

The second Wednesday of each month is Crafternoon! I set up 4-5 stations of activities for the kids to do at their own pace. Usually there is one uber-popular station and three other whip through them stations (kids choice not mine). This month was dedicated to the holidays and our stations were:

1. Gingerbread sugar cone trees. We did this last year, they LOVED it, so I brought it back and they LOVED it again this year.
2. Dangly spiral silver ornaments. Silver pipe-cleaners and beads wrapped around a toddler paint brush. The girls liked this one (not so much the boys).

3. Tree shape outlines out of construction paper + contact paper + small pieces of tissue paper = stained glass holiday trees! This did not go as planned, kids just took handfuls of tissue paper and dropped it onto their contact paper. My plan was to have them placed nicely one at a time. . . we had an entire hour to kill!

4. Paper chains with old book pages. A few adults were upset by the destruction of the books, but we used donations that we found to be worth less tha $5 on Amazon- no rare books were destroyed in the creation of these chains. Paper chains are always hit or miss with the kids. I've offered them at several other programs and NOT ONE CHILD has participated. Today, who knows. . .they wanted to break the world record (54 miles in 24 hours!) In one hour they managed to chain more than halfway around the library! 

They asked if they could chain again next week. The third Wednesday of the month is four player Wii gaming day. I always have extra games & coloring sheets set out for them to work on while they are not participating in the Wii play so I think I might just have to cut some more paper.

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