Feb 15, 2013


In lieu of Valentine's stories, I pick a theme that is related to, but not Valentine's. This year I chose cooperation. I read Duck in a Truck by Jez Alborough and we sang Five Little Ducks with flannel pieces. I read Paul Galdone's version of The Little Red Hen, I handed out egg shakers and we danced and shook our eggs to Laurie Berkner Band's I Know a Chicken. Then I finished up with One Duck Stuck by Phillis Root. They each had a tiny square to water paint that I used to make one big group effort picture. I had printed out a coloring page on poster size paper and chopped it up. When they were done painting their little square they got a plain letter sized card stock to paint their own picture on. I taped the gorilla to one piece of paper so they could see how their cooperative effort worked and they were not very impressed (the grandma was though). The group was super small due to bad roads so I let them paint two or three squares and two of their own originals.

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