Jan 18, 2013

What Happens at Storytime - 2

I usually, officially start storytime at five minutes after the hour to allow for those last minute stragglers (thus the checking in graph). I open the same way EVERY TIME. We sing a little ditty I used to sing with the kids at preschool, but I have tweaked the words a little for storytime.

Opening song:

Rise and Shine

Rise (scoop from floor to ceiling with both hands),

and shine (hands to side of face and wiggle fingers),


welcome to storytime (we make little flapping books with our hands palms up).

Repeat the above one time

Rise (scoop to floor)

And (hands on waist)

Shine (wiggling fingers again)

And (still wiggling fingers)

Welcome to storytime (Flapping books again)

We're so (hands to chest) (and by we, I mean me and all of the children)

Glad (point to smiling face)

You're (point to kids)

Here (point to floor)!

The melody can be heard on a great YouTube video I found. The verse I based it on starts at time 1:24.

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