Jan 14, 2013

Like a Mirror

I am not exactly sure why I started on this crazy journey of blogging.

As I joined Children's Librarian land in the last couple years, I started reading blogs by librarians and other professionals. They seemed to have a lot to share with the world. I was interested in joining in, but I was convinced I didn't have a lot to share.

Then I started to play around on Pinterest. I was finding that I had already done some of the same activities, or similar versions of them in early childcare. I started thinking to myself. . . I could do this. I could share what I have been doing with others. Oh yeah (thinking to myself). . . that's right it has already been done. So I put the idea of blogging away again.

I continued to read librarian's blogs and I discovered book reviews by other librarians, again I thought to myself I could do this, but again, it is already being done.

I was asked to write something about how my experience in early childhood influenced my work as a children's librarian for Leah over at Keeping Up With Kids. As I was working on the write up, I realized that what I was writing would make a good first post for the blog I had thought about starting. I told Leah I was sorry to bail on her, but I was going to use my story to start my own blog and this blog was born. Leah is great and was so supportive that she promoted my blog in place of my story! Thanks Leah!!

mirrors by "flo"

So now I guess that I am keeping this up as a sort of scrapbook of my career. I have a ton of stuff flitting around in my head and sometimes forget what I've done and how it went. As part of my Master's in Ed and Professional Development we were trained to reflect and reflect again. So I will be reflecting like a mirror on the programs and experiences as I go about my days as a Children's Librarian. Some day down the road I will look back and revisit those ideas that excelled or failed and reflect on those moments with a more objective view.

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