Jan 8, 2013

To Book or not to Book. . .hmmmmm

Summer Reading Program (small grimace)

I started my Summer Reading Program planning calendar of hell fun today. Many librarians in my area are booking their performers for the summer and I find myself completely balking at the thought of paying someone $400 (yeah that's right) just to entertain kids at my library for an  hour. Do you know how much I make an hour to entertain the little tykes? . . . . best keep that information to myself, but I'll have you know it is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than $400.

Needless to say, I'm thinking of going a different route and maybe not having a performer at all this year. This is my second year at the library and my director is super awesome at letting me do things my way, so I may have to shake up the natural order of the universe. $400? Yeah, I'm still stuck on that one too.

Professor Marvel rocked it last summer! But, I am not looking forward to cramming over 80 people into a 20 x 20 room that is about 95 degrees this year - the $400 (had to) performer took up about one third of the space so you can just imagine the stinky sardines coming out of that room after an hour and a half!

I am picturing a kick off carnival that is drop in, OUTSIDE under tents with fresh air and room for all. It could even last for two to three hours so parents would be able to drop in and spend time with their children participating in some literacy/ science-y type activities after they register for the summer reading program of course!

I can't believe how fast summer is approaching! I'll have to decide quickly before all the good performers are all booked up. It would be too bad if I waited too long and no one was available.

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  1. Several of my neighboring libraries have small/nonexistent programming rooms. One rents a tent for the summer, another uses the parks and rec community room, a third uses the school gym (and gets all the summer school kids as automatic attendance!). I can't imagine paying $400 for a performer - my whole programming budget for the year is about $750. I do get four performers through a deal with our consortium, pay for a few extra myself, and the most expensive one is paid for by our Friends. It's $300, but he stays for several hours, brings tons of animals, very educational, and I get around 200 people.