Jun 22, 2015

Penguins and Process Art

Penguin storytime! I love penguins, who doesn't?

The kids really seemed to enjoy the farting penguin. . .
I rarely do cute product oriented art with preschoolers, but I know that parents value cute art projects to stick on their refrigerators, so I came up with this project that I think everyone can enjoy! 

I cut out the black part of the penguin and taped it to black paper and let the kids paint their papers with feathers and white paint. When the paper was peeled off, the kids were left with a penguin. They had a lot of fun with this one, because they got to cover the entire paper if they wanted. Of course some had a hard time with that (think color in the lines), but the end result was a cute project the parents could enjoy as well. This is also a great art lesson about negative space, so parents can feel good about that as well if you even bring it up.

Painting with Feathers
End "cute" project.

We played March of the Penguins between books; as I waddled with the kids, we sang this penguin call and response chant (I found it helpful that parents stay at storytime and were familiar with a call and response chant). We sang it through twice.

I'm a penguin black and white
I can't fly but that's all right.
I've got feathers that's not fur.
I lay eggs like other birds.

"Now we are going to do some counting" (in time with marching)

Penguins, 1, 2 (make dramatic finger counting gestures)
Penguins, 3, 4
Penguins, 5, 6, 7, 8
Penguins, they're great!

I swim real fast to get my meals.
I watch out for leopard seals.
I'm from the south as you may know
Now it's time for me to go.


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