Mar 19, 2015

It's Not Easy

It's not easy being green, or a library director! I've been avoiding posting for several reasons. One I've been a slacker and haven't posted much at all lately, I have guilt over this. Why? I have no idea. Two I feel like a whiner for even complaining a little about my new job title. A year ago this month, I added Library Director to my job duties and kept the ones I already had. Needless to say, there was a long, long, long period of teaching an old dog new tricks and I'm still learning everyday. I also had to learn to balance my two duties. One of the things I have lost is time. Time to take pictures of all the fun stuff I do, time to stop and write up a reflection (which NEEDS to be done for the next time I run a similar program). So there it is, my explanation of why this blog sucks now.

I lost my partner in crime, my old boss/director. We used to have so much fun putting displays together. We were great at bouncing ideas off each other and a great creative team ( I MISS YOU KIM!!!!). I was thinking about her and missed doing fun displays, so I took some time to put this display together. I found the idea for this display on Pinterest. I started out making an ispy poster, adding little pictures around the main poster. When I put the poster up and all of the books, I was at a loss for what to put on the top... I found the grinch, then I made him a green cage out of building straws, and set him on the top. He was lonely, so I started to round up anything green we had in the storytime closet and made up a small ISpy poster for the sides of the display.


  1. I always know when there have been life changes/stressors for my blogging friends. We slow down ALOT. Whether it's health of us or family, moving, teaching, traveling, new job, inventing or what, the silence stretches. I know it's because creative energy and sometimes just save-my-life energy is going to something really important. And I always know someone will be back when things settle down. It is always a pleasure when each post - even if few and far between - comes out. And so it is with this one!

  2. I miss you too! You are doing such a great job. The community is so lucky to have such a talented, creative, wonder woman children's librarian/director. I LOVE the display :)