Oct 28, 2013

Picture Books: Six Months In

I was really freakin' nervous honored and privileged to present a session about our library's picture book reorganization project at the Wisconsin Library Association's Annual Conference! Now that some of the results are in, I can let the whole world know how it is going!
Comments from REAL patrons!
The increase in circulation numbers is awesome, but I had to take into account that everything in the children's collection is up as well. The difference between the two: 25%.

 I will let the numbers speak for themselves!


  1. Do you have any of the materials from your presentation available? Or any other materials/guidelines, etc.? We're going to be going to neighborhoods in March and my director was much impressed with your presentation and would like us to use this system. It looks pretty snazzy to me too!

  2. I should add that I'm specifically looking for how you organized the fiction/nonfiction and maybe how you did transportation? Thanks!

  3. I would love to share, shoot me an email! larskat95@gmail.com