Sep 14, 2013


Cookies on the table, milk in the fridge, rug out for a story, book propped up on my chair, sign up sheets ready to go, bags packed and ready for distribution, activity for parents and child out on the table, check, check, check. Our guest of honor. . . wait, WHERE THE HELL IS CLIFFORD?????

All I can hear is the clock, as I sit here waiting for the FED EX delivery of the Clifford costume that needs to be here in an hour, that was sent over-night due to a mix up at the costume supply place. Sweating much? Our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Kick Off starts in a little over an hour and I am pumped up for our program to begin, but Yikes! What is the worse that could happen. . . Clifford missed his plane.

Back up plan? Yeah. . . It's not nearly as impressive, but I have a Clifford hand puppet....

Fed Ex, you have one more hour, then I'm sending the disappointed kiddos your way.


  1. Did it come? and does your library now own a Clifford costume or is it just rented?

  2. Ha ha, it arrived at 9:22. . .I didn't realize how stressed I really was until it came and I felt the relief. I rented it through a costume company, who were actually very helpful despite the glitch. The Eau Claire Public Library recommended them, and the company did come through in the end! He was a hit ($60), and they have many other characters, too. Post to come soon.