Aug 5, 2013

Summer Reading is Over!

Six weeks of summer reading has me BURNT OUT! Here's the run down:

Rubber Ducky Club (Birth through 2 years)
  • Monthly literacy activities (this is a VERY passive program). The first month they get a duck, and the second month they get a free book.
Kid's Program (3 years through 5th grade)
  • Opening day carnival (First Monday).
  • Weekly Reading logs (kids have to read 15 minutes on four different days) with prizes and raffle tickets. Week six prize is a free book.
  • Weekly in house activity (for raffle ticket).
  • Weekly coloring sheet (for raffle ticket).
  • Closing day party (Last Friday)
BRAND NEW Tween2Teen Program (6th through 12th grades)
  • They get one log with 8 hours broken up into 15 minute chunks. After they read 8 hours they get a free book to keep, 5 raffle tickets and a bonus sheet with 5 more hours broken up into 15 minute chunks (for extra raffle tickets). 
  • They can also write a "Book Blurb" for bonus raffle tickets which we hang on the shelves near the books' shelf locations (we had 63 on our shelves!).
  • We had a 'Til Midnight Movie Marathon for them on the last Friday.
Mondays: Toddler Storytime, then Movie Matinee
Tuesdays: Preschool Storytime
Wednesdays: School Age Explorers
Thursdays: Junior Gardeners

The great news is that numbers have excelled expectations tremendously. The bad news is that they love it so much they want more weeks next year. I'm not sure I could handle one more week!

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