Jul 2, 2013

I Dig Stealth Activities

All of my weekly summer activities have kids writing, a sometimes overlooked literacy activity.

Week One: I Spy Bottle
Fill in the blanks for numbers, colors and other information from the I Spy Bottle.

Week Two: Gnome Hunt
I used this activity to reinforce the different areas of the library. The kids had to look for 12 different colored gnomes then write down where they found them in the library. I labeled each of the gnomes with the area that I had hid them in so smaller kids could copy the words.

 Week Three: Treasure Hunt I used a glue gun to attach pirate related pictures and letters to gold coins. I used the pictures to make a coded message for the kids to figure out. I shredded some brown paper for sand and put it in a baby pool and put the coins in the "sand". The older kids thought that this activity was TOO easy, but I couldn't make it too hard for the smaller kids. Maybe next time there will have to be two different messages.

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