Nov 30, 2012

Nifty November Displays

My director, Kim and I must have been feeling a little punchy this month when we brainstormed our November library displays. Since we live in Wisconsin, we wanted a fun way to display our hunting books. Kim came up with the slogan “Hunt Down a Good Book” and I came up with the visual.
We pulled all of our hunting and cooking non-fiction books and added some Adult and Juvenile  fictional books about hunting. I was looking for a deer target to add, but didn't manage to find one.
Our next idea was to promote No Shave November. We thought about pulling all of the Juvenile fiction books with facial hair, but alas, not a lot of kids books have mustaches on the cover. My second grade daughter has been nutty about mustaches (she has earrings, sunglasses and a necklace with mustaches) so I thought the kids might think it was fun to have a bunch of books wearing mustaches. We cut up a bunch of mustaches and taped them to the covers of books. I made a poster with the slogan, “It’s no shave November, I mustache you to check out these books!”
I also thought it would be fun if the kids could have mustaches on sticks to wear around the library to attract some attention to the display! Because who doesn't like fake mustaches? My favorite was the little bald baby in pink wearing a mustache courtesy of her sister! I did manage to grab one of the school aged kids for a quick picture. We had to replenish our mustaches on sticks several times this month. 
Sadly, not many of the books on the mustache display got checked out for as much as the kids played with the mustaches, but we had a some fun!

For the little ones, I put a tree above the book cart display and added the picture books about Thanksgiving to the top of the cart. On the middle shelf I supplied leaf shapes and colored markers for the kids to write what they were thankful for.

We had a few participants here, but more as the month went on. When it came time for the holiday books to take over the cart, I shifted the tree to an empty wall because I don't have the heart to get rid of it yet.

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  1. Hi Kathleen! I love your ideas! I busted out my Silhouette this weekend so that I can try your mustache display. THanks for sharing!