May 9, 2013

Super Worm! or May Displays

When I found this cool Avenger font on fontspace, I wanted to make a graphic novel display. So I did. The graphic novels are interfiled with all of the fiction (I sense another reorganization project for March) and hard for some kids to find. Also our awesome, awesome tech guy fixed my printer so I can print posters from my computer and don't have to bother poor Kim every time I need a poster printed! Yeah Kris!!!
My co-worker Bridget has been talking about the fishing opener this past weekend (with 22 inches of ice on the lakes) and I was inspired to use the overhead projector to make a giant worm on a hook to display our fishing AND worm books. I also printed some covers of books to hang on paperclip hooks from the ceiling cuz' you know, they were hooked.
That's it for May displays. . . coming soon Summer Reading Program deco!

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